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How To Use REGEXEXTRACT() Function in Google Sheets


Extracts matching substrings according to a regular expression.

Common questions about the REGEXEXTRACT formula include:
• What is the REGEXEXTRACT formula?
• What is the syntax of the formula?
• What are the caveats to using REGEXEXTRACT?
• How can I use REGEXEXTRACT with multiple expressions?

The REGEXEXTRACT formula can be used to match and extract strings of text from Google Sheets. It is commonly used to locate certain text patterns in a string.

The REGEXEXTRACT formula can be commonly mistyped as REGEEXTRACT.

Some common ways the REGEXEXTRACT formula is used inappropriately include using it with an expression that is not anchored or with invalid regex syntax.

Common pitfalls when using the REGEXEXTRACT formula include improper matching for capturing groups or unexpected results if the string does not contain the searched-for pattern.

Common mistakes when using the REGEXEXTRACT Formula include forgetting to include backslash characters to escape reserved characters in a regex pattern and not anchoring the expression.

Common misconceptions people might have with the REGEXEXTRACT Formula include thinking it can automatically capture data from a string without the need for specifying a regex pattern. They also might think that it can automatically extract data in its entirety when, in fact, anchor tags must be used to specify exactly what text should be extracted."

How To Actually Use REGEXEXTRACT() in Sheets

REGEXEXTRACT(text, regular_expression)

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