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How To Use PRICEDISC() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the price of a discount (non-interest-bearing) security, based on expected yield.

Common Questions about the PRICEDISC Formula:
- What does the PRICEDISC formula do?
- How do I calculate discounted prices with the PRICEDISC formula?
- How do I format the PRICEDISC formula in Google Sheets?

How to Use the PRICEDISC Formula Appropriately:
- Enter the PRICEDISC formula into the cell where you want to calculate discounted price.
- Your inputs should be the original price (before discount), the discount rate, and the number of months the discount should apply for.
- Multiply the original price by the discount rate to get the discounted price.

How the PRICEDISC Formula is Commonly Mistyped:
- Using brackets instead of parentheses
- Leaving out inputs, such as the original price and the discount rate
- Reversing the order of inputs

Common Ways the PRICEDISC Formula is Used Inappropriately:
- Placing the inputs in the wrong order
- Not accounting for tax or other extra charges
- Not converting currency values to the same currency

Common Pitfalls When Using the PRICEDISC Formula:
- Entering the inputs as strings instead of numbers
- Incorrectly formatting inputs to the formula
- Not updating the formula when entries in the original range change
Common Mistakes When Using the PRICEDISC Formula:
- Not including all inputs when entering the formula
- Not accounting for rounding errors when calculating the discount
- Not allowing for additional charges such as taxes when calculating the discount

Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the PRICEDISC Formula:
- Thinking the formula can automatically convert currency 
- Thinking the formula can automatically calculate taxes 
- Thinking the formula can handle complex discount scenarios (such as multiple tiers of discounts) automatically.

How To Actually Use PRICEDISC() in Sheets

PRICEDISC(settlement, maturity, discount, redemption, [day_count_convention])

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Excel PRICEDISC function - how to use PRICEDISC function

The Excel Pricedisc function calculates the price, per $100 face value of a discounted security.

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