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How To Use PERMUTATIONA() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the number of permutations for selecting a group of objects (with replacement) from a total number of objects.

Common questions about the PERMUTATIONA formula:

1. What is the syntax of the formula?
2. How do you determine the number of permutations?
3. How do you use the PERMUTATIONA formula to calculate different permutations?

How can the PERMUTATIONA formula be used appropriately?

The formula can be used to calculate the number of possible permutations of a given set of objects. This is usually done by taking the factorial of the number of elements.

How can the PERMUTATIONA formula be commonly mistyped?

The formula is commonly mistyped as “Permutations”, “Permutations Formula”, or “PERMUTATION Formula”.

What are some common ways the PERMUTATIONA formula is used inappropriately?

The formula is often used to calculate combinatorial problems that do not involve permutations. This may lead to incorrect results.

What are some common pitfalls when using the PERMUTATIONA formula?

When calculating permutations, order matters. Therefore when using the formula, it is important to pay attention to the order of the objects being permuted.

What are common mistakes when using the PERMUTATIONA Formula?

A common mistake is forgetting to calculate the factorial of the number of elements. This will result in incorrect results. Additionally, confusion can arise when including repeated elements, as the formula does not account for duplicate values.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the PERMUTATIONA Formula?

One misconception is that the PERMUTATIONA formula will automatically account for duplicate values. This is not the case and must be accounted for in the calculation. Additionally, people may think that the formula can be used to calculate combinations, when in fact it is only used to calculate permutations.

How To Actually Use PERMUTATIONA() in Sheets

PERMUTATIONA(number, number_chosen)

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