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How To Use OR() Function in Google Sheets


Returns true if any of the provided arguments are logically true, and false if all of the provided arguments are logically false.

Common questions about the OR formula in Google Sheets:
What is the OR formula in Google Sheets?
  1. How does the OR formula work?
  2. What is the syntax of the OR formula?
  3. Can the OR formula handle more than two logical tests?
  4. What is the difference between the OR formula and the AND formula?
  5. Can I use cell references or ranges in the OR formula?
  6. How can I combine the OR formula with other functions in Google Sheets?

Appropriate usage of the OR formula:
Checking if at least one condition is true: The OR formula is commonly used to evaluate multiple logical conditions and returns TRUE if at least one of them is true.
  1. Building complex logical expressions: By combining the OR formula with other logical functions (such as IF, AND, NOT), you can create more sophisticated logical expressions in your spreadsheets.
  2. Conditional formatting: The OR formula is often used in conditional formatting rules to apply formatting to cells based on multiple conditions.

Common mistyping of the OR formula:
Incorrect spelling: One common mistake is misspelling the OR function as "ore" or "our" instead of "OR."
  1. Incorrect capitalization: The OR function is not case-sensitive, but mistyping it as "or" or "Or" may lead to errors.

Common inappropriate usage of the OR formula:
  1. Overlooking order of operations: The OR formula should be used within parentheses when combined with other logical operators to ensure proper evaluation.
  2. Incorrectly assuming mutual exclusivity: Using the OR formula may lead to incorrect results if the conditions being evaluated are not mutually exclusive, and you need them to be.

Common pitfalls when using the OR formula:
  1. Not using the correct logical operators: The OR formula requires the use of comparison operators (e.g., "<," ">", "<=") to create valid logical tests. Using arithmetic operators (e.g., "+," "-," "*") will result in errors.
  2. Neglecting proper referencing: When using cell references or ranges in the OR formula, ensure that the references are correctly formatted, including the use of dollar signs ($) for absolute referencing, as necessary.

Common mistakes when using the OR formula:
  1. Missing parentheses: When combining the OR formula with other logical operators, forgetting to enclose the OR formula within parentheses can lead to incorrect evaluation.
  2. Incorrectly nesting multiple OR formulas: It's important to properly structure nested OR formulas by considering the logical tests and grouping them appropriately using parentheses.

Common misconceptions about the OR formula:
  1. Confusing the OR formula with the XOR formula: XOR (exclusive OR) is a different logical operator that returns TRUE if exactly one condition is true, while OR returns TRUE if at least one condition is true.
  2. Assuming the OR formula evaluates all conditions: The OR formula stops evaluating conditions as soon as it finds a true condition. If this is not understood, it can lead to incorrect results or incomplete evaluations.

How To Actually Use OR() in Sheets

OR(logical_expression1, [logical_expression2, ...])

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OR Function

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