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How To Use NPER() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the number of payment periods for an investment based on constant-amount periodic payments and a constant interest rate.

Common Questions About the NPER Formula:
What is the NPER formula? How does the NPER formula work? What does NPER stand for? What are the arguments or inputs for the NPER formula?

How Can the NPER Formula be Used Appropriately:
The NPER formula can be used to calculate the number of payments needed to pay off a loan, such as a mortgage, investment, or other debt. It takes as inputs the loan amount, interest rate, and payment amount to accurately determine the length of the loan.

How Can the NPER Formula be Commonly Mistyped:
Common mistakes when typing in the formula for the NPER can include forgetting to include one of the arguments or using incorrect sequence of arguments when entering the inputs. Also, some common mistypes are NPR and NPRR.

What are Some Common Ways the NPER Formula is Used Inappropriately:
The NPER formula should only be used to calculate the number of payments needing to be made for a particular loan. It should not be used to calculate the total value of payments needed to be made. It should also not be used to calculate the interest rate or amount of money to be borrowed.

What are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the NPER Formula:
Using the incorrect arguments when entering the formula in the spreadsheet can lead to inaccurate calculations. Furthermore, forgetting to include any of the arguments when entering the formula can lead to incorrect calculations as well.

What are Common Mistakes When Using the NPER Formula:
Incorrectly entering the arguments into the formula is a common mistake when using the NPER formula. Entering the interest rate in decimal form instead of percentage can also create incorrect calculations.

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the NPER Formula:
One common misconception with the NPER formula is believing it can be used to calculate the total money to be paid on the loan. It can also be mistaken as a way to calculate the interest rate or amount borrowed with the loan.

How To Actually Use NPER() in Sheets

NPER(rate, payment_amount, present_value, [future_value], [end_or_beginning])

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