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How To Use MIRR() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the modified internal rate of return on an investment based on a series of periodic cash flows and the difference between the interest rate paid on financing versus the return received on reinvested income.

Common Questions About the MIRR Formula:
1. What is the MIRR formula?
2. What does the MIRR formula do?
3. How do you calculate the MIRR properly?

How Can the MIRR Formula Be Used Appropriately:
The MIRR formula can be used to calculate the rate of return of a particular project when it takes into account the time value of money. By adjusting for the timing of the cash flows, the MIRR can provide a better estimate of the rate of return of the a project.

How Can the MIRR Formula Be Commonly Mistyped:
One common mistake when entering the MIRR formula is mistyping the arguments. It is important to ensure that the arguments typed in the formula are entered correctly.

What Are Some Common Ways the MIRR Formula Is Used Inappropriately:
The MIRR formula should not be used to compare investment options with different projects present in the same period of time. It is important to note that the MIRR formula does not take into account changes in the rate of return or inflation.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the MIRR Formula:
1. Not accounting for the timing of the cash flows.
2. Not accounting for changes in the rate of return or inflation.
3. Not understanding how to input specific cash flow amounts (i.e. positive or negative).
4. Not taking into account any penalty payments associated with different projects.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the MIRR Formula:
1. Not entering the correct arguments into the formula.
2. Entering incorrect cash flow amounts so that the formula is not calculating the rate of return correctly.
3. Using the MIRR formula to compare projects that have different periods of investment.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the MIRR Formula:
1. That the MIRR formula can be used to compare different types of investments or projects.
2. That the MIRR formula doesn't take into account changes in interest rates or inflation.
3. That the MIRR formula calculates the rate of return of a single project or investment.

How To Actually Use MIRR() in Sheets

MIRR(cashflow_amounts, financing_rate, reinvestment_return_rate)

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