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How To Use MAKEARRAY() Function in Google Sheets


Returns an array of specified dimensions with values calculated by application of a LAMBDA function.

Common Questions About the MakeArray Formula:
-How does the MakeArray formula work?
-What types of values can I include in the formula?
-How can I troubleshoot errors that happen when using the MakeArray formula?

How Can The MakeArray Formula Be Used Appropriately?
The MakeArray formula is a very useful tool in Google Sheets. It can be used to combine data from different cells in a spreadsheet to create an array. To use it effectively, make sure that the selection of data is accurate and that the data is in the format that you need.

How Can The MakeArray Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
The MakeArray formula is often mistyped or misspelled as MakeArraye, Makearray, Makaray, or Make Arrya.

What Are Some Common Ways The MakeArray Formula Is Used Inappropriately?
The MakeArray formula should not be used for turning singular values into arrays, as it will not work. Also, the MakeArray formula should not be used to do any complex computations; it should only be used to combine discrete pieces of information into a single array.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using The MakeArray Formula?
One common mistake is that the user may not have the correct type of data or data in the correct format in the selected cells. Also, copying the formula to cells that hold data can cause an error as the formula will overwrite the data.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using The MakeArray Formula?
One common mistake is setting a range of selected cells to include other formulas or blank cells. This can cause errors or create an array with undefined values. Also, including cells outside the range that is specified can produce unintended results.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With The MakeArray Formula?
One common misconception is that MakeArray can be used to do complex calculations or turning singular values into arrays. It should only be used to combine different values into a single array. Another misconception is that MakeArray can be used to select multiple cells, when it can only be used to select one range of cells.

How To Actually Use MAKEARRAY() in Sheets

MAKEARRAY(rows, columns, LAMBDA)

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