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How To Use ISURL() Function in Google Sheets


Checks whether a value is a valid URL.

Common Questions about the ISURL Formula:
1. What does the ISURL formula do? Validates URLs in a Google Sheet cell.
2. How do I use the ISURL formula? Enter a cell address in the formula.
3. What are the arguments for the ISURL formula? A cell's address.

How can the ISURL Formula be used appropriately?
The ISURL formula can be used to check if a given string is a valid URL. It returns TRUE if the string is a valid URL, and FALSE if it is not. Enter a cell's address in the formula and it will show either TRUE or FALSE.

How can the ISURL Formula be commonly mistyped?
The ISURL formula is commonly mistyped as URL(), IURL( ), or ISUR, or ISITAURL(), or ISITURL(), or ISURI().

What are some common ways the ISURL Formula is used inappropriately?
The ISURL formula should not be used to check if a given string is a valid web address. It should only be used to check if a given string is a valid URL. Meaning it cannot check the veracity of the site. It does not access the site and does not check if there is any website functioning at the url address. ISURL cannot be used to create a rudimentary uptime monitoring service inside of Google Sheets.

What are some common pitfalls when using the ISURL Formula?
It cannot be used to check validity of sites. The ISURL formula does not check for the validity of a web address. Also, the ISURL formula does not check for the existence of a web page. The ISURL formula does not check for the accuracy of a web page. And cannot check if you typed in the url of the address as you wished it. If a person actively mistypes the address, it will not know.

What are common mistakes when using the ISURL Formula?
Not using the correct syntax for the ISURL formula. Not using the correct arguments for the ISURL formula. Also a mistake is using the ISURL to check for down websites or broken links.

How To Actually Use ISURL() in Sheets


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