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How To Use ISNUMBER() Function in Google Sheets


Checks whether a value is a number.

Common Questions about the ISNUMBER Formula:
• What is the syntax of the ISNUMBER formula?
• How can the ISNUMBER formula be used to identify specific data types?
• How can the ISNUMBER formula be used to align data in cells?
• What is the result of the ISNUMBER formula?

How can the ISNUMBER formula be used appropriately:
• To identify if a cell contains a numeric value
• To determine if a data range is composed entirely of numeric values
• To align data by forcing one data type into a specific cell pattern

How can the ISNUMBER formula be commonly mistyped:
• Using ISNAR instead of ISNUMBER
• Using ISTEXT instead of ISNUMBER
• Forgetting to include the parenthesis at the end of the formula

What are some common ways the ISNUMBER formula is used inappropriately:
• Using the formula to identify Boolean data types
• Using the formula to force alpha-numeric data into a numeric cell
• Using the formula to identify strings instead of numbers

What are some common pitfalls when using the ISNUMBER formula:
• Trying to force a text string into a numeric cell without first validating it
• Mistakenly using the ISNUMBER formula to identify Boolean data types

What are common mistakes when using the ISNUMBER Formula:
• Errors in syntax
• Incorrect reference to a cell or range
• Using the wrong data type formula (ISTEXT, ISBOOLEAN, etc)

What are common misconceptions people might have with the ISNUMBER Formula:
• Thinking that the ISNUMBER formula can return a Boolean value
• Believing that the ISNUMBER formula can force text strings into numeric data cells 
• Not understanding the syntax of the formula and its proper usage

How To Actually Use ISNUMBER() in Sheets


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