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How To Use INTRATE() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the effective interest rate generated when an investment is purchased at one price and sold at another with no interest or dividends generated by the investment itself.

Common Questions about the INTRATE Formula:
1. What does the INTRATE formula do?
2. How do I calculate a rate of return using the INTRATE formula?
3. What are the required components of the INTRATE formula?

How can the INTRATE formula be used appropriately:
1. Ensure that all inputs are valid numbers or references to valid numbers.
2. Understand the effect of each component of the formula on the output.
3. Use consistent units when specifying time intervals.

How can the INTRATE formula be commonly mistyped:
1. Omitting a trailing parenthesis.
2. Incorrectly nesting parentheses.
3. Using an unequal number of quotation marks for text strings.
4. Using the wrong upper and lower case letters.

What are some common ways the INTRATE formula is used inappropriately:
1. Not specifying all required components of the formula.
2. Not accounting for compounding frequency.
3. Using the wrong type of investment or loan product.

What are some common pitfalls when using the INTRATE formula:
1. Not properly accounting for compounding intervals.
2. Entering incorrect amounts or time intervals.
3. Not considering the effect of taxes on the investment returns.

What are common mistakes when using the INTRATE Formula:
1. Omitting parts of the formula.
2. Wrongly nesting parentheses when specifying arguments.
3. Incorrectly specifying investment instruments.
4. Not taking into account the effect of taxes.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the INTRATE Formula:
1. That the output is the actual rate of return of an investment instrument.
2. That the time interval specified should be the same as the compounding frequency.
3. That the formula can be used to calculate the rate of return of any investment.

How To Actually Use INTRATE() in Sheets

INTRATE(buy_date, sell_date, buy_price, sell_price, [day_count_convention])

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