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How To Use IFS() Function in Google Sheets


Evaluates multiple conditions and returns a value that corresponds to the first true condition.

Common Questions about the IFS Formula:
-What does the IFS formula do?
-What are the syntax requirements for using the IFS formula?
-How can I use the IFS formula to do a certain operation?

How can the IFS formula be used appropriately:
-The IFS formula can be used to determine the outcome of multiple conditions.
-The IFS formula can be used to form nested and multiple IF statements.
-IFS formula can be used in combination with other functions such as AND, OR, etc.

How can the IFS formula be commonly mistyped:
-Leaving out parentheses or commas.
-Using incorrect operators for testing conditions such as a less than symbol ( < ) instead of a less than or equal to symbol ( <= ).
-Forgetting to include an END IF for the IFS statement.

What are some common ways the IFS formula is used inappropriately:
-Using the IFS formula for operations that can be simplified with simpler formulas.
-Trying to use the IFS formula to compare two values that are incompatible types.

What are some common pitfalls when using the IFS formula:
-Forgetting to have a corresponding outcome for each condition.
-Writing a non-coditional statement, such as a mathematical operation, as the outcome.

What are common mistakes when using the IFS Formula:
-Forgetting to close the parentheses.
-Incorrectly nesting the IFS statement by not placing the IFS statement within another IF statement.
-Using parentheses incorrectly with the IFS statement.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the IFS Formula?
-Thinking the IFS formula works the same way as normal IF-ELSE statements when it does not.
-Thinking the IFS statement is limited to only two or three conditions when it can contain an infinite number of conditions.

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How To Actually Use IFS() in Sheets

IFS(condition1, value1, [condition2, value2], …)

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