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How To Use HOUR() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the hour component of a specific time, in numeric format.

Common questions about the HOUR formula include:

1. How does the HOUR formula work? 
2. What values does the HOUR formula return?
3. How do you use the HOUR formula in Google Sheets?

The HOUR formula can be appropriately used to extract the hour from a given date/time value.

The HOUR formula can be commonly mistyped as HEUR, which is an incorrect spelling.

Common ways the HOUR formula is used inappropriately include incorrectly using the HOUR function on a date/time value that does not include a time component, as the function will not return the desired result.

Common pitfalls when using the HOUR formula include not referencing the date/time value properly, or entering the formula incorrectly.

Common mistakes when using the HOUR Formula include specifying the wrong cell reference or incorrect formatting for the date/time value.

Common misconceptions people might have with the HOUR Formula include not understanding that the formula only works on date/time values or mistaking the HOUR formula for other similar-sounding functions like MINUTE or SECOND.

How To Actually Use HOUR() in Sheets


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