How To Use GOOGLETRANSLATE() Function in Google Sheets


Translates text from one language into another.

Common questions about the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula:
- What is the syntax of the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula?
- What inputs do I need to use in the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula?
- How do I get specific output with the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula?

How can the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula be used appropriately:
- The GOOGLETRANSLATE formula can be used to translate any text from one language to another.
- It can also be used to detect the language or the origin of text.

How can the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula be commonly mistyped:
- Some common mistakes with the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula include mistyping parameters, using the wrong delimiters such as colons (:) instead of commas (,), and mixing up input and output values.

What are some common ways the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula is used inappropriately:
- Trying to translate more than its limit of 5000 characters in one go.
- Trying to detect the language from texts that contain only one word.
- Trying to use illegal characters or words that are not found in the Google Translate database.

What are some common pitfalls when using the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula:
- Not providing the proper input language code can cause translated text to be inaccurate due to the machine not knowing the exact source language.
- Having incomplete output language code parameters can lead to incorrect translations.

What are common mistakes when using the GOOGLETRANSLATE Formula:
- Failing to include apostrophes around the text in order to distinguish it as a single input can cause strange results.
- Not properly separating the language parameters with commas can lead to confusion.
- Typing in the incorrect cell address from where the input text is coming from can lead to incorrect translations."

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How To Actually Use GOOGLETRANSLATE() in Sheets

GOOGLETRANSLATE(text, [source_language], [target_language])

1Better Sheets Tutorial

Combining GoogleTranslate() and DetectLanguage() to figure out what a language is without having to know the two letter codes. And adding a dropdown range to make it easier to find the language you want to translate to. What a great way to solve the frustrating world of International language!

Learn more about the GOOGLETRANSLATE() formula:

How to use the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula in Google Sheets

Learn in this video how to use the GOOGLETRANSLATE formula in Google Sheets and how it can come in handy. Translate any text size, from and to any language, directly from inside your Google spreadsheet!

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