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How To Use GESTEP() Function in Google Sheets


Returns 1 if the rate is strictly greater than or equal to the provided step value or 0 otherwise. If no step value is provided then the default value of 0 will be used.

Common questions about the GESTEP formula:

1. What is the GESTEP formula?
2. How does the GESTEP formula work?
3. What is the syntax of the GESTEP formula?

How can the GESTEP formula be used appropriately:

1. The GESTEP formula can be used to calculate a value from two input values.
2. It can be used to calculate the step size between two specified points.
3. It can be used to calculate the difference between two values on a chart or graph.

How can the GESTEP formula be commonly mistyped:

1. To incorrect formula name (e.g. GESTAEP instead of GESTEP).
2. Incorrect capitalization (e.g. gestep instead of GESTEP).
3. Incorrect input values or incorrect input order.

What are some common ways the GESTEP formula is used inappropriately:

1. Using the GESTEP formula for a data set that is linear, instead of for data that is not linear.
2. Trying to reversibly interpolate data that, when graphed, appears linear instead of nonlinear.
3. Assuming the GESTEP formula will produce the same result for all data sets being compared, rather than understanding that it will produce different results for different data sets.

What are some common pitfalls when using the GESTEP formula:

1. Not checking for errors in the formula when calculating the step/difference size between two values.
2. Failing to properly input the values in the correct order.
3. Reversibly interpolating data that appears linear instead of nonlinear.

What are common mistakes when using the GESTEP Formula:

1. Using the GESTEP formula on data that is linear instead of nonlinear.
2. Reversibly interpolating data of different types.
3. Failing to include necessary parentheses and operators within the formula.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the GESTEP Formula:

1. That the GESTEP formula is interchangeable with linear formulas.
2. That the result of the GESTEP formula is always the same.
3. That the GESTEP formula is always necessary when calculating a step difference between two points.

How To Actually Use GESTEP() in Sheets

GESTEP(value, [step])

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