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How To Use FVSCHEDULE() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the future value of some principal based on a specified series of potentially varying interest rates.

Common Questions about the FVSCHEDULE Formula
• What is the FVSCHEDULE formula?
• What arguments can be used with the formula?
• How can the FVSCHEDULE formula be used to calculate future value?
• What function does the FVSCHEDULE formula use for calculating future value?

How can the FVSCHEDULE formula be used Appropriately?
• Specify the appropriate argument values in the formula.
• Set up a well-structured schedule.
• Make sure to enter in all data correctly before using the formula.
• Add formatting for easy reading of results.

How can the FVSCHEDULE Formula be commonly mistyped?
• Removing or forgetting a hyphen in the formula name.
• Forgetting a comma in the arguments.
• Forgetting to add a “$” before a cell reference.
• Misspelling the argument names.

What are some common ways the FVSCHEDULE Formula is used Inappropriately?
• Using incorrect argument values.
• Using the formula with incorrect parameters.
• Using the formula on incomplete or wrong data.
• Repeating the same calculation with different data.

What are some common pitfalls when using the FVSCHEDULE Formula?
• Not specifying the correct number of arguments.
• Forgetting to include a “$” before cell references.
• Not setting up the correct conditions for the formula to calculate correctly.
• Not accounting for future rate changes or inflation.

What are common mistakes when using the FVSCHEDULE Formula?
• Not entering the correct number of arguments.
• Not entering the correct argument data.
• Failing to setup a well-structured schedule.
• Incorrectly entering the rate and other parameters.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the FVSCHEDULE Formula?
• Thinking the formula can be used for future loan repayments without setting up the schedule properly.
• Believing that the formula can predict future value without inputting the correct parameter values.
• Thinking the formula does not take into account for inflation or future rate changes.

How To Actually Use FVSCHEDULE() in Sheets

FVSCHEDULE(principal, rate_schedule)

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Google Sheets FVSCHEDULE Function | Future Value | Variable Interest Rates | Google Sheets Functions

Use the Google Sheets FVSCHEDULE function to calculate the future value of an amount with a variable interest rate in some or all of the years of the investment period. For example, in a three-year investment time frame, the interest rates could be 3%, 4%, and 5% in the first, second, and third year respectively. The two inputs the FVSCHEDULE function requires are the investment amount and the schedule of the interest rates.

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