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How To Use FIXED() Function in Google Sheets


Formats a number with a fixed number of decimal places.

Common questions about the FIXED formula include:
• How do I use FIXED formula? 
• What kinds of calculations does the FIXED formula do?
• What arguments can I use inside the formula?

The FIXED formula can be used to round numbers to a specific number of decimal places and/or return a specific number of characters from the left or right side of an original string.

The FIXED formula can be commonly mistyped by forgetting the closing parenthesis, or using incorrect arguments.

Some common ways the FIXED formula is used inappropriately include using it to round numbers to a specific number of significant digits, rather than a specific number of decimal places; or trying to extract data outside of the length of the original string.

Some common pitfalls when using the FIXED formula include forgetting to include the desirable number of decimal places and characters as arguments within the formula, or underestimating the amount of characters used in a document which results in inaccurate data extraction.

Common mistakes when using the FIXED Formula include not specifying the decimal places you would like the result to be rounded up to, or not understanding the syntax for using the formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the FIXED Formula include thinking it can be used to combine strings, that it can be used to round number to a specific number of significant digits, or that it can be used to extract data from outside the length of the original string.

How To Actually Use FIXED() in Sheets

FIXED(number, [number_of_places], [suppress_separator])

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