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How To Use EXACT() Function in Google Sheets


Tests whether two strings are identical.

Common Questions about the EXACT Formula:
1. What does the EXACT formula do?
2. How does the EXACT formula work?
3. How to use the EXACT formula?

How can the EXACT formula be used appropriately?
The EXACT formula can be used to compare two string values in a worksheet and to return the result as a Boolean value, i.e. either TRUE or FALSE. It is useful for finding out if two strings are the same or different, such as comparison of two user inputs, or if two values are written the same way in two cells.

How can the EXACT formula be commonly mistyped?
The EXACT formula should be correctly spelled as “EXACT” to be recognized. Rather than EXCT() as some might type it, incorrectly, or EXAT().

What are some common ways the EXACT formula is used inappropriately?
The EXACT formula should only be used when you want to compare two string values, rather than any other value type. Additionally, if you want to compare strings with different formats, such as character case or spacing, then you should use a different formula such as, UPPER(), LOWER() or TRIM().

What are some common pitfalls when using the EXACT formula?
When using the EXACT formula, it is important to remember that the formula is case-sensitive by default, which means that it will return a false result if the strings have different formats. Furthermore, the EXACT formula does not take into consideration any numeric data within the same strings, which will also result in a false result.

What are common mistakes when using the EXACT Formula?
One common mistake with the EXACT Formula is not correctly specifying the cell ranges to compare. Not including both arguments in the formula, or using the wrong syntax, will result in an error or invalid result.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the EXACT Formula?
Some people may wrongly think that the EXACT formula can be used to compare any values, not just strings. In addition, some people might not be aware of the fact that the formula is case-sensitive and can be affected by the format of strings.

How To Actually Use EXACT() in Sheets

EXACT(string1, string2)

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