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How To Use EQ() Function in Google Sheets


Returns `TRUE` if two specified values are equal and `FALSE` otherwise. Equivalent to the `=` operator.

Common questions about the EQ formula include:
- What does the EQ formula do?
- How does the EQ formula work?
- How is the EQ formula different from other formulas?

The EQ formula can be used appropriately to calculate the equation of a line given two points for the line.

The EQ formula is commonly mistyped when forgetting the commas between data points.

Common ways the EQ formula is used inappropriately include using it in inappropriate contexts, such as calculating the equation of a curve instead of a line, or using the wrong data between points.

Common pitfalls when using the EQ formula include not completely understanding the context in which the formula is used, and not specifying which data points to use when calculating the equation of a line.

Common mistakes when using the EQ Formula include omitting valid points, not using the correct order of points, and using the wrong set of points.

Common misconceptions people might have with the EQ Formula include thinking that the formula can be applied to any type of line or curve, and not understanding that the formula only works in a two-dimensional context.

How To Actually Use EQ() in Sheets

EQ(value1, value2)

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