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How To Use DOLLARFR() Function in Google Sheets


Converts a price quotation given as a decimal value into a decimal fraction.

Common questions about the DOLLARFR formula include:
What exactly does the DOLLARFR formula do?
What data can this formula be used on?

The DOLLARFR formula can be used to format a number to a specific currency. It is particularly helpful for formatting large numbers into a complex format with currency codes and thousands separators.

The DOLLARFR formula is commonly mistyped as DOLLARF or DOLLAROF.

Common ways the DOLLARFR formula is used inappropriately include using it for transforming money across different currencies or erroneously using it on data types such as strings and dates.

Common pitfalls when using the DOLLARFR formula include forgetting to add the third parameter (which sets the currency code) or not taking into account whether the cell which contains the data has already been formatted.

Common mistakes when using the DOLLARFR Formula include passing an incorrect currency code to the formula and not representing the data in the required currency symbol.

Common misconceptions people might have with the DOLLARFR Formula include thinking it can be used to convert currencies or forgetting to include the third parameter when using the formula.

How To Actually Use DOLLARFR() in Sheets

DOLLARFR(decimal_price, unit)

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