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How To Use DAYS360() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the difference between two days based on the 360 day year used in some financial interest calculations.

Common questions about the DAYS360 formula:
• What does the DAYS360 formula do?
• How does the DAYS360 formula calculate the number of days between two dates?
• What is the syntax for the DAYS360 formula?

How can the DAYS360 formula be used appropriately?
• To calculate the number of days between two dates
• To calculate finance related days between two dates in a financial year
• To define the end of a financial period

How can the DAYS360 formula be commonly mistyped?
• Generally, the incorrect syntax can result from mistyping the function parameters.

What are some common ways the DAYS360 formula is used inappropriately?
• Ignoring best practices when it comes to exact numerical calculation.
• Using the DAYS360 formula to calculate the number of years between dates.
• Ignoring time components such as day light savings when calculating days between dates.

What are some common pitfalls when using the DAYS360 Formula?
• Not being aware of the specific parameters that the DAYS360 Formula requires which can lead to errors.
• Not double-checking the calculations which the DAYS360 Formula produces.
• Not testing the formula to ensure it is producing the correct results.

What are common mistakes when using the DAYS360 Formula?
• Incorrectly using the formula to calculate an exact number of days between two dates.
• Not taking into account daylight savings time when using the DAYS360 Formula.
• Not being careful to double check the result of the DAYS360 Formula before using it.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the DAYS360 Formula?
• That the DAYS360 Formula will automatically apply adjustments for daylight savings time.
• That the DAYS360 Formula will automatically calculate the number of days accurately when determining the difference between two dates. 
• That the DAYS360 Formula will automatically adjust for weekdays and weekends when calculating differences between two dates.

How To Actually Use DAYS360() in Sheets

DAYS360(start_date, end_date, [method])

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Google Sheets - Use the DAYS360 Function to Calculate Interest

Learn how to use the DAYS360 function to calculate the amount of interest that will be charged if a bank is using the 360-day convention. This function counts days by using 30 days in every month.

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