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How To Use CODE() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the numeric Unicode map value of the first character in the string provided.

Common Questions About the CODE Formula

1. What does the CODE Formula do?
2. How do I use the CODE Formula?
3. How can I make sure I'm entering the correct syntax when using the CODE formula?

How Can the CODE Formula Be Used Appropriately

1. To generate numerical codes related to specific values.
2. To convert text to numbers.
3. To reference a specific cell or range of cells.
4. To calculate or evaluate an expression.

How Can the CODE Formula Be Commonly Mistyped

1. Forgetting to add a quotation mark around the text to be converted into a code.
2. Not including the necessary parentheses in the formula syntax.
3. Using the wrong mathematical operator (e.g. + instead of -).

What Are Some Common Ways the CODE Formula Is Used Inappropriately

1. Using a code formula to manipulate a date or time.
2. Entering text into the formula without enclosing it in quotation marks.
3. Trying to use the formula with inappropriate parameters.
4. Trying to use the formula with non-numeric values.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the CODE Formula

1. Not including enough parameters in the formula.
2. Not escaping special characters with a backslash when necessary.
3. Having a mismatched number of parentheses in the formula.
4. Not understanding the influence of cell formatting on the CODE formula.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the CODE Formula

1. Not understanding function syntax properly.
2. Not enclosing text in quotation marks when necessary.
3. Not understanding the implications of using certain parameters.
4. Entering a range of cells instead of a single cell into the formula.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have with the CODE Formula

1. That the formula is only used to generate numerical codes.
2. That the formula can be used to generate any type of code.
3. That the format of the output will always be the same.
4. That the formula can be used to perform calculations."

How To Actually Use CODE() in Sheets


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