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How To Use CLEAN() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the text with the non-printable ASCII characters removed.

Common Questions about the CLEAN Formula:
1. What does the CLEAN formula do?
2. How do I use the CLEAN formula correctly?

How to Use the CLEAN Formula Appropriately:
1. Use the CLEAN formula on text that contains special or non-printable characters.
2. Use modified versions of the formula, such as the CLEAN.EXTRA formula, to remove additional characters such as quotation marks.
3. Use the formula on text that you want to format for proper display, such as for displaying data in a table or graph.

How the CLEAN Formula Can be Commonly Mistyped:
1. Accidentally omitting spaces between characters.
2. Mistyping characters within the formula.
3. Using the wrong uppercase or lowercase letters for characters.

Common Ways the CLEAN Formula is Used Inappropriately:
1. Using the formula on already clean text, which will cause issues within the spreadsheet.
2. Using the formula to clean data that is not actually necessary to be cleaned.
3. Using the formula on text that may contain important data.

Common Pitfalls When Using the CLEAN Formula:
1. Using the formula on a field that is not formatted correctly.
2. Omitting important characters when cleaning data, such as hyphens or currency signs.
3. Not using a modified version of the formula when needed, such as the CLEAN.EXTRA formula.

Common Mistakes When Using the CLEAN Formula:
1. Forgetting to always write the formula within quotation marks.
2. Not using surrounding quotation marks within the formula itself.
3. Applying the formula to the wrong data or field.

Common Misconceptions People Might Have About the CLEAN Formula:
1. That the CLEAN formula can somehow transform data into a specific format automatically.
2. That the CLEAN formula can be used to sanitize data.
3. That the CLEAN formula can replace the function of other formulas and commands that may be used to clean data, such as TRIM or REPLACE.

How To Actually Use CLEAN() in Sheets


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