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How To Use ATANH() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a number.

Common questions about the ATANH formula:
What does the ATANH formula stand for?
What is the purpose of the ATANH function in Google Sheets?
How does ATANH differ from other trigonometric functions?
What is the range of values that the ATANH function can return?
Can the ATANH function produce errors or unexpected results?

Appropriate use of the ATANH formula:
The ATANH formula is used to calculate the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a given value. It is appropriate to use ATANH when working with hyperbolic functions and need to find the original input from a given hyperbolic tangent value. This function can be helpful in various mathematical and engineering calculations.

Common mistypings of the ATANH formula:

Incorrectly using "ATANH" (all caps) instead of the correct "ATANH" (all caps).
Misspelling it as "ATAN" or "ATAN-H."
Omitting the equal sign (=) at the beginning of the formula, as is required in Google Sheets.

Inappropriate uses of the ATANH formula:

Applying the ATANH function to non-hyperbolic tangent values.
Using ATANH when you actually need the regular inverse tangent function (ATAN).

Common pitfalls when using the ATANH formula:

The ATANH function returns complex numbers for input values outside the range [-1, 1]. Users should be aware of this and handle potential errors or invalid inputs.
The function may return unexpected results when used with certain cell formatting or precision settings in Google Sheets.
Using the ATANH function without fully understanding its purpose or the context of hyperbolic functions.

Common mistakes when using the ATANH formula:

Misinterpreting the output of the ATANH function, especially when dealing with complex numbers.
Using the ATANH function without knowing the range of acceptable input values.
Applying the ATANH function to non-numeric cells or incompatible data types.

Common misconceptions about the ATANH formula:

Assuming that ATANH and ATAN (regular inverse tangent) functions are the same or interchangeable, which is not the case.
Believing that the ATANH function only works with real numbers, when it can return complex numbers outside the valid input range.

It's essential to have a clear understanding of the ATANH formula and its appropriate use to avoid errors and misconceptions while working with it in Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet application. Always double-check the inputs and results, and make sure they align with the intended use of the function.

How To Actually Use ATANH() in Sheets


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