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How To Use ASC() Function in Google Sheets


Converts full-width ASCII and katakana characters to their half-width counterparts. All standard-width characters will remain unchanged.

Common questions about the ASC Formula:
- What does ASC stand for?
- What does the ASC formula do?
- What are the arguments of the ASC formula?

How the ASC Formula can be used appropriately:
- To sort data in a given range of cells alphabetically.
- To filter a list of data in a range of cells based on criteria.

How the ASC Formula can be commonly mistyped:
- Typing the formula as AS(x) instead of ASC(x), where x is the text for which the character code is being calculated.

Common ways that the ASC Formula is used inappropriately:
- Using the ASC formula to calculate the character code of a numerical value.
- Using the ASC formula on data that is not in a range of cells.

Common pitfalls when using the ASC Formula:
- Neglecting to specify the text for which you are trying to calculate the character code.
- Not putting the ASC function inside another function like VLOOKUP.

Common mistakes when using the ASC Formula:
- Using the wrong case in the text argument.
- Not including a comma between arguments.

Common misconceptions people might have with the ASC Formula:
- Thinking that the ASC formula will automatically sort data alphabetically without specifying the range of cells. 
- Thinking that the ASC formula will calculate the character code of numerical values like dates.

How To Actually Use ASC() in Sheets


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